Albeit its fancy title, you shall not mistake this writeup to talk about any of the magic of Knuth‘s brainchild. This is a post talking about future posts, hence is a meta-post. A sort of manifesto or program… …if I’ll ever get the chance to wrap it up…

The set up is always the same. I got some not-so-exciting work to get done. But it’s late, so I feel kind of justified to take it easy. But not that easy though! If I didn’t get the chance to have any of this work done during the day, I’m not legitimate to waste precious time on something frivolous like a blog during the night, right? Then I start endlessly fiddling with my email, I round robin through the tasks I have to get done, allocating to each of them a CPU time barely enough to allow my mind a context switch to that task and then a switch back to the next in queue. In a geeky way (should the previous passage be not enough) I’m stuck in a livelock.

Then what? Let’s write something on that blog. Giuseppe is already outnumbering me by six posts (if this one gets through, only five… pheeew), i can’t give in (thanks Teri for your insightful remarks on this phrasal verb :D) that easy.

But then the words of the Poet come to my mind, all in a sudden:

Benedetto Croce diceva che fino a diciotto anni tutti scrivono poesie e che, da quest’età in poi, ci sono due categorie di persone che continuano a scrivere: i poeti e i cretini.
Fabrizio de André

[roughly: Benedetto Croce said that everyone writes poetry until they are 18, after that, two kinds of people persist in writing: poets and idiots]. For this exact reason, Faber argued that he took refuge in writing songs, for which, not being poetry, Croce’s statement would not apply.

With a similar argument, then, I can feel relieved I’m not an idiot just because I’m far from teenage (at least, my I.D. says that) and I write a blog, which is no way close to poetry. (Well, this last statement sounds kind of idiotic per se…)

Never mind. I just realized that the quotation above is indeed a meta-quotation. Therefore, given the late time in the night and the fact that the meta-quotation has already fulfilled thoroughly the reason of being of this meta-post… I quit. Just created the second ZeroEntropy post.

Is this going to be just another ZeroEntropy blog?


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