Fiat Lux

Sloth. I’ve just learnt this word looking for the translation of “Accidia” (Italian).

How can this word be used to denote both the well known deadly sin and the funny and goofy beast that we all got to know thanks to the Ice Age movie?

Shrug. Sloth (the bad one) happens to be my best friend these days and she reclaims a new and shining way for wasting my time. Here it is my gift for her. This blog.
Unfortunately, is already taken. Damn.
Well I’ll call it another way.
Oh, no:
Fine, yet another way, then.

To techies: You don’t really wanna read this. I’ll post tech-related trivialities every once in a while, with unprecedented sloppiness, in both concepts and presentation. This contravenes many of the rules to be a good hacker, and you’ll soon get pissed. Plus, I’ll be using a strongly teen-biased lingo, which you won’t like. U know what I mean?

To scientists
: I’ll occasionally be posting some not-so-mind-boggling stories about my Ph.D. research. I aim at becoming a good link hub to people who speak much more wisdom than me. And don’t worry: properly used tags will help you filter out those useless personal messages.

To skanks: I feel so cool because I can slang. I learnt this term just a few minutes ago. Whatever. Whoever you are, stay away from here. And also to zombies: we don’t want you to spend your non-life reading these pages.

To Giuseppe: We’ve kept on saying for months that we should start a blog to log our we-think-really-ingenious ideas we are used to gchat about.
Finally, we end up starting not only one, but two blogs, in the very same day. Funny. Sipping the GMTA motto, I would say that your first post covers much of what my first post should. The language dilemma, motivations for blogging and everything. Thanks for that.

Per gli italiani: scrivero’ in inglese perche’ in una lingua straniera le minchiate stridono meno e ogni frase insolita sembra automaticamente intelligente.

I write in English also because it still does not flow in my head all the time. Therefore, a new post will be created only during the contemporaneous onset of my [limited] writing skills in English AND a flood of my stream of consciousness. The need for those two requirements to be simultaneously satisfied should keep the growth of posts bounded, and hopefully increment their quality.

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for a first post.


3 Responses to Fiat Lux

  1. Entropia says:

    Ciao fosco! Bravo bravo 🙂

    Ma chi sono gli skanks?


  2. […] Una lunga chat con Luca, che come sempre si è conclusa con un ”cazzo, dovremmo aprire un blog e scriverci queste cose”. Sembra che anche lui si sia finalmente deciso. […]

  3. Tony says:

    Dovevo lasciarti portare la chitarra elettrica in USA

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